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Fallback Productions' American Documentary

At Fallback Productions, we are sick of the division seen throughout the country we love. We toured across four states and four major cities looking to find what makes America great and realizing that it's not what we actually see on a regular basis. We're all about the United States of America and look forward to helping bring the country back together to rebuild the amazing place that the USA once was. Soon, you'll be able to see both a 4-minute and 12-minute trailer for our coming documentary film.

Lucretia Hughes With a Man At the Capitol Lucretia Smiling Lucretia With LT. Colonel Oliver North

Our American Story

The film will be an American documentary following our cofounder Lucretia Hughes as she travels to major metropolitan areas posing the real questions—what does it truly mean to be great in America? As a black woman that happens to be American, Lucretia refuses to be put in a box and traveling the country has been a great way to discover what people truly want. Her journey began in December of 2017 when she lost everything she'd ever worked for, even becoming homeless. By June of the following year, he was walking into the hall of Congress. This has given her a unique and insightful take on life that she wishes to bring to her fellow Americans.